New brand, same soul

Over the last 34 years we’ve grown from an ambitious dream into a leader for the arts community. Alongside us, Central Florida grew into one of the most diverse communities in the region. It was time our brand matched that growth. 

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves: we’re United Arts, Central Florida’s local arts agency.

And while our new brand looks quite different, the things we stand for are very much the same. We’ve built a reputation for supporting local arts, fostering diversity, and inspiring our youth. Moving forward you can expect that same dedication, and more.

A bolder voice, for everyone

We’ve always believed that the arts are for everyone, by everyone. That means that when we represent the arts community, we need to represent all the diversity and vibrance within it. So the concept behind our new brand was a bold voice, both verbally and visually, that could be a platform for everyone.

That vocality goes both ways — there are still many artists and organizations that don’t know we exist. Part of our brand’s new effort is to raise awareness with those we serve. 


To tell our stories

With that bold new voice comes an increased effort for the United Arts brand: to champion the arts through storytelling. Through newly renovated channels, content, and communications, our brand was built to spotlight all the people and stories within the arts community. 

From highlighting local organizations and artists, to raising awareness on issues, our goal is to become a unified presence in support of arts and culture.

We like to think of our new brand platform, which includes our new website and upcoming social content, as a hub for all the stories and conversations in the arts community. With that, we invite community members to reach out to contribute stories and ideas to be featured.

There’s an inspiring movement happening through all the cultures, artists, and organizations in Central Florida. We need to give these moments the spotlight they deserve. 


Once more, with feeling

We’ll save the rest of the design-thinking for another day. For now just know that the simple idea behind our new brand is this: to inspire, we have to be inspiring. 

This new chapter of our story is one of energy, passion, and vibrance. Here’s a preview of the good things ahead:


Over the next few days we’ll be launching our new website, an awareness campaign, and new names to some of our most staple programs.


Until then,

Make Art Thrive.

— United Arts



Interested in being featured in our Spotlight section or Artistry magazine? Please contact the following:

United Arts Spotlight: Laura@unitedartscfl.org

Artistry magazine: Cindy@unitedartscfl.org

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