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Individual Artist Grants provide up to $5,000 for artist-driven projects that have a public benefit and enrich the community of central Florida by advancing artistic excellence and increasing access to innovative and diverse arts experiences. These awards are designed to support activities that further the careers of artists with a professional practice to help them grow and thrive in Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties.

Grant funds must be used to support specific activities/work such as presentations, training, research, and/or creation of artwork with tangible outcomes. These grants require a public-facing component that increases access to art and cultural experiences. These awards are considered a stipend to the artist for the work undertaken and completed.

Emerging Artists: Exceptionally talented, early- to mid-career artists who demonstrate a strong interest and a commitment to continued training.

Established Artists: Exceptionally talented artists who have demonstrated considerable experience in their field, with a substantial body of work.

United Arts of Central Florida Staff Contact: Elyse Jardine, Outreach Program Officer, Elyse@UnitedArtsCFL.org or 407-790-7844.


Jun 5, 2024
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May 14, 2024
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May 13, 2024
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United Arts Grants

Downtown Orlando Performers – Call for Proposals

Engaging street musicians and performance artists interested in activating community spaces in the heart of Downtown Orlando.
Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole
Application Period: April 2024 - December 2025
Orange County Grants

OC TDT Application Review Committee (ARC) Capital Projects

Orange County’s Tourist Development Tax Grant Application Review Committee Opens Window to accept applications April 1 through April 30, 2024
Nonprofits, Other Organizations
Application Period: April 2024 - April 2024
Orange County Grants

Blockbuster and Special Events Fund

To encourage marquee-type blockbuster events — result in regional, statewide and national attendance; include significant collaborations among the local arts and culture community.
Individuals, Nonprofits, Other Organizations
Application Period: January 2023 - December 2030

Explore the Projects

Jacoub Reyes Postcards to the Future

A participatory design project centered around the historical postcard collection at The Museum of Seminole County History. In this interactive, collaborative workshop, participants can interact with the collection and make their postcards through printmaking, drawing, and collage, creating personalized postcard blocks that will be printed on a large scroll.

Tamara Madison Conjure: Sharing our Sheroes & Heroes

A series of workshops and community sharing that celebrates family archive, community, and history through poetry. The events will focus on everyday unsung heroes and their triumphs despite adversity.

Nichole Spates Orlando Mirages

Orlando Mirages is an ongoing series of 25 photographs that address climate change, invasive plants, and the impermanence of the structures that we build.

Gisela Romero Table Runner's Stories

In this solo show there will be drawings, stories and emotions shared by immigrants who leave their countries and come to the United States to start a new life.

Giovanna c Quezada The Suitcase

“The Suitcase" is a compelling theatre production that follows the journey of a Latina immigrant in the United States. This play aims to raise awareness of the struggles and challenges that the Latino community faces in Florida, which accounts for 24% of the state's population.

Chris Trovador Ink Addicted

The show will use live painting, stand-up comedy, and improvisation to tell the story of a tattoo artist. The challenges of being a tattoo artist, the misconceptions about the art form, and the importance of family and healing will all be discussed.

Russell Bellamy KinderCare

Utilizing Stainless Steel, Copper, Wood, Rubber, and poof balls, this work will represent the wedge between adult and child medical care. The colorful yet isolated forms will represent a metaphoric escape, an escape from the claustrophobic restraints of an ailing body, mind, soul, and the physical escape from the uninviting spaces associated with adult medical care.

Christine C Peloquin Mount Dora WT Bland Public Library Butterfly Mural

The vision for this mural is 3 large scale scientifically accurate butterflies with vegetation that are indigenous to Florida and the Nunan Garden, specifically a monarch butterfly (adult sized), the red spotted purple butterfly (middle school height) and a zebra longwing, the Florida State Butterfly, (toddler sized). Designs will be scientific and educational to stimulate the imagination and creativity of young children.

Curtis C Tucker The Stranger's Tale

A story of faith and hope, “The Stranger’s Tale” examines modern homelessness through music and drama. This one-act opera is a chamber work themed on the issue of homelessness and the stigma often experienced by those affected.

Keith Lay Distance Music

a new paradigm for large-space outdoor concerts, creates a personalized, immersive experience for each audience member using the time it takes for sound to travel over a distance to construct rhythms and melodies.

Tasanee Durrett Eyedentity

This series of paintings will examine the social, racial, and spiritual history of Black culture from the 1950s to the early 2000s. This series will reveal the stories and presence of Black culture so that it will never be forgotten and will always be in the spotlight.

Sarah Johnston The Gratitude Bowl Project

a large ceramic vessel standing at 5-5 1/2 ft in height and 2-3 feet in diameter that addresses themes of encouragement, gratitude, and our connection to one another. The viewer will be encouraged to write down their response to text and prompts that are written on the outside of the vessel.

Estefany Londono Earth to Table

This interdisciplinary community ceramics project will bring together the intersection of ceramic arts and food sovereignty, creating a true “Earth to Table” experience. This artistic activism project will explore themes of sustainability, food sovereignty, family, community, connection, resilience, and healing via ceramic arts.

Victorious McLeod “Divergent" Film Festival

As a black multidisciplinary artist who primarily focuses on self-portraiture their work explores themes of self-identity, representation, and the intersectionality of blackness and neurodivergence. This project aims to challenge societal norms, raise awareness about ADHD and synesthesia, and promote inclusivity and acceptance.

Brian Villane Artist in Residency Project at Timucua Arts

An immersive live performance that will bring audience members through the galaxy - sonically presenting different celestial bodies through an interconnected series of miniature compositions representing each.

Joseph Harrington Bringing Contra Dancing to Orlando and Central Florida

Sustain and build a vibrant participatory contra-dancing scene in Central Florida and become a 501c3 volunteer organization capable of putting on much larger events available in similar-sized East Coast cities. GOCD is the only weekly contra dance in Florida and the only gender-free contra.

Donald Harrell Orisirisi African Folklore Black History Month Celebration, 2024

Illuminating African and African American life and culture in a way that crosses cultural boundaries and fosters mutual respect and understanding. It includes a performance practice that uses African drumming and, dance, song, and storytelling in the form of myths, legends, folktales, and narrative form that ranges from simple point of fact to talks and lectures on specific subjects.

Orit Reuben Frame Acquisition for Pastel Painting Exhibition(s) and Education About Pastels

A project intended to increase sales of pastel paintings and help pastel artists succeed through increased professional exposure to pastel artists in the community and education about the pastel medium.

Monica Diaz Freedom to Fly: A Solo Exhibition

Freedom to Fly: A Solo Exhibition will allow Monica Diaz Art & Design to expand its reach, producing a full-scale solo exhibition at Avalon Park Art and Cultural Center with the aim of inspiring and supporting other breast cancer survivors.

Yessica Lizarraga Mexico Danza Orlando

Staging Mexican folkloric dances and showcasing traditional costumes with the Central Florida Community to reflect the diversity within Mexico.

Roland Cruse St Cloud Lakefront Outdoor Landscape Paintings

As an accomplished plein air painter Cruse will create at least 18 exhibitable landscape oil paintings, at least 8 x 10 inches in size, on location anywhere along or near the two-mile recreational pathway in St. Cloud.

Patrick Noze Introduction to Sculpture

This project involves the introduction of wood and carving to help influence youngsters to develop an interest in sculpting. The less fortunate communities are rarely exposed to woodcarving or stone carving.

Julio Sanchez JulSan Environment Art

Using materials recovered from the shores of beaches, streets, and forests Julio will create art that the community can appreciate and be receptive to the message, “help our planet by recycling”.

Roberta Emerson Fairview by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Roberta Emerson will produce the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, FAIRVIEW by Jackie Sibblies Drury, for its Central Florida premiere. This project is intended to impact the entire Orlando community but most specifically to engage those marginalized and underrepresented voices in the community.

Laurie Hasan Spirits in the Silver: Discovering Lost Film

An exhibition to be viewed at Crealdé School of Art’s Showalter Hughes Community Gallery showcasing the found film photographs that have been recovered from abandoned vintage rolls of exposed film, which have restored and printed through archival techniques.

Belina Wright Experience the Culture of Haiti

The aim of this project is to have the community experience the cultural aspects of Haiti through art. This project also aims to share Haiti and its rich culture in a positive light so that all who take part have a true narrative of Haiti, not the negative stereotype portrayed in the media.


May 8, 2024
ORLANDO, FL — MAY 2, 2024 — United Arts of Central Florida announced today that, with the generosity of 3,654 donors, the 2024 Collaborative Campaign...
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Apr 2, 2024
ORLANDO – April 2, 2024 – United Arts of Central Florida is pleased to announce it will receive a $200,000 multi-year grant from Dr. Phillips...
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Mar 12, 2024
ORLANDO – March 11, 2024 – From now until March 31, United Arts is collecting supplies to help young creatives and youth arts programs thrive....
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