help Keep The Arts Alive

As Central Florida’s arts agency, United Arts raises and distributes funds for arts, science and history organizations in our region. Your contribution will directly fuel the local arts, science and history organizations you know and love. More culture. More experiences. More sparks of inspiration in the classroom. Donate today.

If you need assistance, please call 407-628-0333.

When art thrives, we thrive

When you invest in the arts, you make our neighborhoods a better place to live. You inspire tomorrow’s leaders, boost tourism and connect our community.

Your contribution makes this possible. 

Find opportunities to help an event or cause, meet like-minded people, and help our arts and culture community thrive.

Use your will to leave behind something that will inspire the next generation and paint a more vibrant future.

Leverage your investments to make a positive impact and support the arts, culture, history and science in Central Florida. Contact UA to learn how.

From monetary campaigns to speaking engagements, you can build team unity through a cause we all love.

Your commitment today, leads to greater impact for tomorrow. Already made a pledge? Pay your pledge here.

The ArtsCard

When you contribute over $100 annually, you earn The United ArtsCard — your ultimate pass to experience the arts. The ArtsCard unlocks buy-one-get-one-free tickets and discounts to each of the participating shows and events across Central Florida.

united arts card