Ensuring all voices are heard.

At United Arts, we're here to help bridge the gap and empower the leadership of Central Florida’s arts and cultural community to reflect its diverse population. Without diverse voices included in the decision-making process of our boards, our vision of granting all people in Central Florida access to the arts will remain unfulfilled. This program allows everyone, from all backgrounds and circumstances, to contribute their talents to the places that need it most.


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Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens Winter Park, FL

We are looking for individuals with expertise in Accounting, Building/Construction, Chamber/City Leadership, Fundraising Experience, Philanthropy, Community Volunteer Organizing, Social Leadership.

  • $1000 is requested, All board members must donate at some level in order to meet our commitment to 100% participation of our board. In-kind is welcomed
  • Whenever there is a vacancy.
  • Three year term —can serve 3 consecutive terms
  • 7 regular board meetings per year
  • Exhibits & Programs, Development, Facilities & Gardens, Winter Park Paint Out, Special Events
Art & History Museums – Maitland Maitland, FL

We are looking for representation of diverse communities, including BIPOC communities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and members of the disability community. Skillsets in fundraising and development, human resources, and building and construction are highly desirable.

  • $1,000, give or get.
  • Nominations are due by August, with elections taking place in late September
  • 3-years
  • The full board meets every other month, on the last Wednesday of the month in the evening. Board members are also asked to serve on 1-2 committees, depending upon their skillset and capacity. Committee meetings are generally held either monthly or every other month through Zoom. Board members are also asked to attend the annual gala, and encouraged to attend exhibition openings and donor events.
  • Committees meet either monthly or every other month, and include the Finance Committee, Development & Events Committee, DEIA Committee, Marketing Committee, and Building & Grounds Committee
Bach Festival Society of Winter Park Winter Park, FL

We are looking for board members with an appreciation for, but not necessarily extensive knowledge of, classical music. We are seeking representation from diverse demographic groups. We are looking for areas of experience including marketing, finance, law, fund development and governance.

  • We ask that all Board members make a financial contribute. There is no set amount. Contributions this year ranged from $100 to $45,000. Unless there is a conflict of interest, we also ask that Board members help identify potential donors.
  • Our nomination process is ongoing.
  • Trustees serve staggered three year terms. There are no limits on the number of terms.
  • The Board meets bi-monthly September through May. Meetings are typically held in the afternoon on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month.
  • Standing committees are Artistic, Finance, Marketing, Development, Nominating and Endowment.
Central Florida Community Arts Orlando, FL

We are in need of diverse influential individuals with experience serving on nonprofit boards, with particular focus on the following areas of expertise: Finance, Human Resources, PR/Marketing/Communications, Legal, Real Estate.

Diversity is a key priority for CFCArts; we are actively seeking board members of color to serve with the organization.”

  • Board members are required to make a gift to CFCArts in an amount meaningful to them, and encouraged to make CFCArts one of their top philanthropic priorities, but there is no specific financial contribution required.
  • Board members are nominated and approved on a rolling basis throughout the year, with no set calendar.
  • Each member serves for one 3-year term, with optional renewal for a second 3-year term. Any additional extensions are determined by the Board of Directors.
  • “Board members are expected to attend regular meetings, which occur every other month (6 per year) on Thursday evenings (6:30pm-8:30pm) at the CFCArts main administrative campus (with Zoom option). Board committees have varying schedules, with some meeting monthly (Development) and others on an as-needed basis (Venues) – both in person and via Zoom.Board members are also expected to attend CFCArts performances as their social schedule allows, as well as the annual Anniversary Breakfast (held in late September each year).”
  • Board members may serve on one or more of any of the following committees: Finance, Development, Artistic & Creative, Venues, HR & Managed Growth, Operations & Infrastructure.
Chance 2 Dance, Inc Maitland FL

We are looking for an accountant and a competent fundraising professional and/ or development coordinator/ consultant who is comfortable working with and operating under the non-profit umbrella of stipulations and standards. We are always seeking to expand our board’s diverse representation. We currently have many diverse individuals on the board but would love move BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals represented on the board. We also would love to add more individuals with disabilities on our board to contribute to our efforts of inclusion and accommodation through their lived experiences and unique needs.

  • We have a Give/Get of $1,000/ $5,000 but we also include in-kind services a the Give for board members if they do not have the means, connections, or relationships to achieve the desired monetary donation amount.
  • We have Open Nominations and Elections.
  • 2 Years
  • Our Board usually meets on Tuesdays around lunch time bi-monthly. We hope all board members will attend our 2 annual fundraisers and 2 annual performances, but it is not mandatory.
  • Chance 2 Dance has a finance committee, fundraising committee, and marketing/social media committee.
Crealdé School of Art Winter Park, FL

We are looking for leaders, advocates and ambassadors with skills in finance, fundraising, legal/law, human resources, sales and marketing, public speaking, strategic planning, education, humanities, event planning, media relations, entrepreneurship, construction/development and management.

  • Annual Board dues are $750.
  • Crealdé accepts nominations, interviews and elects new board members throughout the year.
  • Executive Board terms limits are 2 years, renewable once.
  • The Crealdé Board meets in person 10 times per year, usually the final Wednesday of the month, except for the last meeting of the year which is held in early December. Attendance is required at a minimum of eight meetings and also is required at the Annual Membership Meeting, which includes the election of new officers.
  • Other than the Executive Committee, there is a Fundraising Committee and Finance Committee, which is made up of both board and staff members.
Creative City Project, Inc. Orlando, FL

Board participation at Creative City Project gives you an opportunity to serve in a leadership position in a non-profit organization, increasing access to celebrating community and allowing you to personally stay connected to artist in Orlando and Central Florida.

Creative City Project strives to represent all races, economic backgrounds, gender identities, sexualities, religions, etc. in our organization.

  • A gift of $1,000 is encouraged.
  • Nominations are due November 30, new members are elected in December and will begin in January 2023.
  • The board meets on a quarterly basis no more than four times a year. BOD members are expected to attend events and programs by Creative City Project.
  • By-Laws, Board Governance, Major Gifts/Philanthropy, Board Development, Nominating, Executive, Finance/Accounting.
Emotions Dance Inc Maitland, FL

Background in marketing, finance, law, governance, non profit leadership.

  • Give or get at least 1 k for the organization.
  • Board members are elected in December for board duties beginning in January of the next year.
  • At least once per quarter, plus any additional performances.
  • Three year term
Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras Winter Park, FL

We are looking to increase our corporate connections on the Board. As far as skills, we are looking for more Board knowledge in Marketing, HR, and Fundraising skills. DEI wise, we have a fairly diverse Board with 5/13 women and representation from the following races: Asian, Indian, BIPOC. That said, we are always looking for ways to further our DEI efforts, and always open to even more diversity.

  • Currently, our give/get is $500. So within the season, each BOD member needs to bring in $500, give $500, or a combination of the two.
  • Rolling acceptance, room permitting.
  • Each term is a 3 year commitment, and we have a maximum of 3 terms in a lifetime.
  • BOD meetings take place on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm every other month. Outside of BOD Meetings, each member will be on a minimum of one committee, and those committees meet as needed but at a minimum of once during the off months of BOD meetings. For example, if there is a BOD meeting in April and June, the committee would meet during May. We also expect BOD members to attend as many concerts as possible and volunteer at said concerts. We typically have around 7 concerts per season.
  • Yes, we have the following current committees: Executive, Finance, Fundraising, Institutional Spaces, Marketing, and Nominating.
Fusionfest Inc. Orlando, FL

We are looking for individuals with expertise in Finances, Bookkeeping, Budgeting and K-12 Education. Cultural Representation: looking for representatives of the Caribbean, East Asia and Africa regions.

  • In-kind services and a donation of any amount during the annual campaign
  • Rolling Nominations – Members are selected by December
  • Board term limits: 2 Years
  • Currently meetings happen in January, April, August and November.
  • We haven’t established any committees yet
Garden Theatre, Inc. Winter Gardden, FL

Currently we need Finance, Marketing/Communications, Leadership skills and connections to new audiences is exciting – but we are open to a wide variety of talents to support the art and business of the theatre.

  • Three-year terms, renewable
  • Board seats are filled year-around, New terms start June 1 annually
  • Board meets monthly the third Tuesday of the each month at 6pm – usually 10 times a year. These include 2-work/planning sessions; one in January goals/budget and one summer board retreat work session focusing on strategic/planning.
  • Directors serve as champion of the organization and support and advocate the Garden Theatre’s mission while protecting the organizational values. Currently Garden Theatre is at the front end of important organizational strategic and planning work for the future.
Indian Horizon of Florida Maitland, FL

Diversed professional knowledgeable in non profit and fund raising with grant knowledge is good. Multi ethnic event planning age no barrier

  • Be open speak freely of suggestion . We are looking for experienced executive board member with connection to help make our dream a reality.
  • 1-2 years Term
  • Knowledge is power. They don't need to donate but their knowledge can bring in more donation and sponsorship
  • 2nd Wednesday at 7 pm of every month. We are in process of changing address to our cultural center.
Global Peace Film Festival Winter Park, FL

We are currently in need of a lawyer on the board. Board members do not have to have entertainment or film industry ties/experience (liking film, particularly documentary, is helpful!). Diversity is very important and the board is currently 50% non-white. For the first time, the board is no longer majority female! (currently 5 male, 3 female).

  • There is a give/get/work requirement that depends on the means and capacity of each board member. In-kind services are most welcome.
  • Nominations accepted year-round. Election at quarterly board meetings.
  • 2 x 3 year terms
  • Board meets at least quarterly. Other commitments are attendance at screenings and events, inviting friends/family/colleagues to screenings and events.
  • As a small board, there is only the Executive Committee made up of the officers of the board.
Leesburg Center for the Arts St. Leesburg Florida

We are currently looking for an attorney (Foundation, Real estate and etc), Finance professional and HR professional.

  • $300, -$600 value in kind.
  • Board recruitment timeline: September
  • Board term limits: 3 years
  • Monthly meetings, 1.5 hrs , Active on committee and help with special events.
  • Development Committee, and Special Events Committee
Mennello Museum of American Art Orlando, FL

We are looking for diversity in experience, expertise, age, women, BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Fields include CEO, Corporate, Business, Strategic Planning, Development, Theme Park Hospitality & Entertainment, Sports, Artist, Art Collector, Design, Higher Education, Marketing, Development, Banking.

  • A $500 annual member fee is expected. Give or get works. In-kind and expertise is welcomed if financial contribution is not possible.
  • Nominations are accepted year-round for bi-monthly board meetings and approvals.
  • Three (3) year terms.
  • Bi-monthly, Monday evenings from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Vote annually to meet in summer months or not.
  • Art Event Committee helps organize annual fundraiser “Evening with Fabulous Friends” works to secure sponsorships, and works on logistics of event to raise funds for exhibitions, education and programs.
MicheLee Puppets, Inc. Orlando, FL

We are seeking a culturally and racially diverse board with representatives from a wide range of professional affiliations. Skills and expertise in marketing, sales, finance, education, business law, and fundraising are important to our organization.

  • Board members “give or get” $1,000 annually. If that $1,000 is raised from other sources, board members are expected to make a personal, meaningful gift to the organization. In-kind services count toward the $1,000 requirement.
  • New board members may join at any time during the year. Nominations are ongoing.
  • Directors may serve up to three consecutive 2-year terms.
  • The board meets bi-monthly, usually on the fourth Friday of the month from 12-1 pm. Board members are expected to attend at least one performance, serve on a committee, assist with and host a table at our annual fundraising event, share their expertise and make appropriate connections for the organization.
  • Each board member is expected to serve on a committee of their choice and interest. Committees include: Finance and Fundraising, Audit, Communications/Marketing, Governance, and ad hoc committees as needed, such as Strategic Planning and Success Planning.
Mount Dora Center for the Arts Mount Dora, FL

We are looking for board members with strong community ties, have a passion for art and art education and have the ability to procure financial sponsors for MDCA scholarships and art programs.

  • Board members must be current, paid MDCA members. They should have the ability to get sponsors for our various events if they cannot sponsor themself.
  • Board members can be elected at any regular board meeting
  • Three year terms/ three terms max (nine years total)
  • Once per month. Board members are expected to volunteer at MDCA festivals and events
  • Membership, Event, Volunteer, Finance and Marketing committees
Musiva Concert Series, Inc. Orlando, FL

Musiva is looking for influential and engaged board members with an appreciation for classical music, an understanding of the population we serve and the need we are trying to address, and a strong alignment with our mission. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and especially encourage members of diverse and under-represented communities to apply. Skills and expertise in nonprofit best practices, fundraising and fund development, entrepreneurship, human resources, law, finance, governance, networking, DEI, and education are highly desirable but optional.

  • We ask that board members participate in Musiva’s annual fundraising by giving in a way that is personally meaningful to them in order to maintain our 100% giving board goal. While we encourage monetary gifts, give/get and in-kind solutions are also welcomed as forms of contribution.
  • 3-year terms. With the opportunity to renew.
  • We ask that board members participate in Musiva’s annual fundraising by giving in a way that is personally meaningful to them in order to maintain our 100% giving board goal. While we encourage monetary gifts, give/get and in-kind solutions are also welcomed as forms of contribution.
  • Nominations are open year-round.
Open Scene Winter Park, FL

We are looking for Financial skills, CPA, fundraising.

  • In-kind services are welcomed as a contribution. There is an optional financial contribution policy established.
  • Three times a year and attending events.
  • Board recruitment timeline: Each February
Opera Orlando Orlando, FL

We are currently seeking board members with experience in Law, Architecture, and Media. We are also seeking members from within and outside of the Orange County area and members who represent diverse populations including Indian-American, Hispanic, African-American, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Gay or transgender, etc… We also seek young professionals.

  • Opera Orlando has a $500 give expectation and a $2,000 get expectation OR $2,500 total give or get. In kind services are welcome for this contribution especially in kind housing for our artists, in kind transportation, in kind marketing services, in kind video or photography, etc…
  • Nominations are due in May, Board Members are elected in June.
  • Board term limits: 3
  • Our board meets 6 times a year every other month. Members can attend in person or online. Board members are expected to participate in and serve on at least one board committee (education, finance, marketing, development, strategic planning, governance, DEI, nominating, Ambassadors), purchase season tickets, attend our annual gala, and attend other events as possible.
  • Yes, our committees are education, finance, marketing, development, strategic planning, governance, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), nominating, and Ambassadors.
Orange County Regional History Center Orlando, FL

We are seeking well-connected, engaged members who are reflective of our entire community’s experience, history, and diversity. We are dedicated to further diversifying our board and currently welcome BIPOC leaders and aspiring leaders of all gender identities, professions, and backgrounds.

  • HSCF’s requested contribution is currently $2,500 give or get. In-kind services are always welcome when approved and needed by the institution in pursuit of the strategic plan and mission.
  • Board members are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis at quarterly meetings.
  • Member serves a term of 3 years, can serve 3 consecutive terms, must lapse for 2 years before being able to serve again.
  • The board meets quarterly on Wednesdays from 4 – 6 pm. Board members are asked to also serve on a committee and be involved with the activities of such in addition to attending exhibition openings, fundraisers, special events, etc.
  • HSCF has several committees for special interest involvement including Collections, Development, Education, Construction, Finance, and Executive committees.
Organization of Independent Filmmakers Orlando, FL

Seeking additional board members who are sensitive to the arts, primarily film as this is our focus. Ability to communicate and help organize events is appreciated. We can use someone with administrative skills as well.

  • All our board members are volunteer their time and efforts with no compensation. If they are in a position to contribute, they are most welcome; however, this is not expected. All contributions that can help us promote our mission are welcome.
  • Board members are elected by the existing board on a yearly basis.
  • Annual meeting in Spring, with periodic meetings (mostly virtual) several times throughout the year, as called.
  • We have an event committee at this time that helps manage our workshops and related events.
Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL

We are seeking new board members at the cross sections of criteria, including underserved voices, subject matter experts, financial capacity, and time engagement availability.

  • $750 a year minimum personal donation requested; open to discussion is that is not feasible. It’s a conversation, not a requirement.
  • Rolling nominations throughout the year.
  • Each Director shall hold office for four (4) years plus renewable two (2) year extensions.
  • Board meets once a month, plus asked to sit on a committee, attend the festival and events throughout the year.
  • Current committees are 1. Programming; 2. Internal Operations, 3.Finance, 4. Inclusion, Diversity and Accessibility, and 5. Executive
Orlando Gay Chorus Orlando, FL

We are looking for board members with experience in non-profit management, development, entertainment law, connections to the arts community in Central Florida, investments, planned giving, and/or PR & Marketing. We are actively seeking diverse representation on our board, especially at the intersection of POC, lesbian, gay, bisexual, non-binary, and trans community, but all allies are welcome!

  • $2500 accepted in the forms of donation, in-kind, and procured through grants, ticket sales, or outside donations.
  • Nominations are due June 15th for election at the annual meeting on July 13th, but accepted on a rolling basis when vacancies occur
  • 3 year term, cannot serve for more than 2 consecutive terms
  • Our board meets once a month generally on the Third Thursday from 7pm-10pm online. Participation in committee work between meetings is expected. Attendance to chorus events is strongly encouraged.
  • Yes, we have numerous committees and all board members are expected to serve on at least one committee. Under the BOD, we have the Finance committee, development committee, leadership committee, PR & Marketing committee, technology committee, and investment committee. We will also be looking for a Strategic Planning committee soon.
Orlando Museum of Art Orlando, FL

Business background. Individuals from consulting/construction/financial industries are currently needed.

  • Commitment is give or get $10,000 per year.
  • We meet on a quarterly basis. The Executive Committee meets more frequently. Trustees are expected to serve on a committee which will meet quarterly.
  • Nominations are accepted during the calendar year. Trustees are elected at the Annual Meeting at the end of June.
  • Each member is expected to serve on a committee. The committees are: Collections/Exhibitions, Education, Finance & Audit, Building and Facilities Advancement and Development and Trusteeship
Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Orlando, FL

We currently seek additional diverse representation, and have a particular need for skill sets in the areas of human resources and marketing/public relations.

  • Required annual commitment of at least $6,000 total, and all board members are expected to give to the United Arts Collaborative Campaign.
  • Board members may be elected at any time, but most are elected in June, prior to the July 1 beginning of the new fiscal year, which runs July 1 – June 30.
  • Up to three consecutive two-year terms.
  • 10 times per year, usually the 4th Wednesday of the month at 4:30 p.m.
  • All board members are asked to serve on at least one committee.
Orlando Repertory Theatre Orlando, FL

We are currently searching for Black and Hispanic leadership for our Board and we are in need of fundraising and development skills.

  • We removed this financial barrier for our members. We ask that you participate in all fundraising activities by giving a gift that is meaningful to you.
  • Flexible, but working towards an annual class.
  • 3 year terms. you can serve 3 terms.
  • 8-10 meetings per year. handful of events.
  • We have Executive, Governance, Finance, Development, Strategic Planning year round, as well as Marketing and facilities as needed.
Orlando Science Center Orlando, FL

We are currently seeking individual that are at the executive level with decision making ability or influence within representing organizations.
Individuals should have high influence within the community, be a connector of people,
or of wealth.
Our annual recruitment goal is for half of each year’s new board member recruits to be
women or people of color.”

  • Annual Commitment – a minimum financial contribution of $5,000 per year by June 30th.
    This financial commitment can be met by a cash contribution. In addition, a Trustee can
    meet the financial commitment in the form of personal and/or corporate support of an
    educational program, support for access to those who cannot afford it, or one of OSC’’s
    events, exhibits and/or films. In certain instances, exceptions can be made to this policy
    with pre-approval from the Board Governance Committee.
    • United Arts – make a personal cash contribution, in any amount, to the annual United
    Arts campaign with all or part of the contribution designated to the Orlando Science
    Center. This contribution will count towards a Trustee’s financial commitment. The
    contribution must be made by April 1st. One hundred percent Board participation is
    expected and is highly regarded by local Foundations when OSC is seeking funds or
    grants for future projects.
    • One-time campaign commitment – meaningful and impactful personal participation in
    OSC’s Comprehensive Campaign called Unlock Science.”
  • Nominations are due by April and elected in June
  • 2- 3 year terms
  • 6 times per year
  • “Finance (Conducts a monthly review of the OSC financial statements.)
    Development (Plans short & long-term strategies for contributed revenue including
    fundraising activities and events.)
    Campaign (Oversees efforts to raise 30 million dollars for OSC’s comprehensive
    Governance (Recruits and grows Board membership. Drives by-law changes. Monitors
    board member compliance.)
    Advocacy (Develops a strategy to engage and grow government support.)
    Marketing Advisory (A resource for OSC Marketing Team helping define desired outcomes.)”
Orlando Shakes Orlando, FL

We are seeking diverse representation from community members and businesses and industry in the region.

  • $6,000 annual financial commitment (give/get). In-kind services welcome.
  • January – May, June election
  • Three 3-year terms
  • 10 Board meetings per year with attendance at productions and special events
  • Board members serve on one or more committees: Executive, Nominating, Development, Marketing, Finance, Long Range Planning, Education/Outreach
Rollins Museum of Art Winter Park, FL

The Governance Committee of the board reviews applications and makes nominations throughout the academic year. Prior to nomination, willing candidates are placed in a Board Bank which is reviewed on an ongoing basis when there are seats to be filled.

  • The term of membership is three years, renewable a maximum of two times.
  • Our bylaws state a maximum of 25 members of the Board of Advisors.
  • The board meets four times a year for general meetings. Each member of the board is expected to serve on a committee (committees also meet 4 times/year)
  • At this point in time our first priority is to strengthen the diversity of our board in a broad sense, especially with regard to race and ethnicity, age – our board skews older, and community they live in/represent – most of our current board members live in Winter-Park currently).
Snap! Orlando Orlando, FL

We are currently seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our board. Our board members span across diverse backgrounds, not only from an arts and culture perspective, but also from a professional and industry position. Skills that are required for all board members include consistent communication, enthusiastic participation, and an open mind to provide creative solutions the needs of the organization.

  • Each board member is requested to make a personally significant financial gift to Snap! annually. It is requested that board members make Snap! one of their top three philanthropic contributions for each calendar year. At least a portion of a board member’s financial gift should be made within the first quarter of the fiscal year (January-March). Give/Get and In-Kind solutions are also welcome.
  • Board members are elected/reelected in Q2 (April-June) of each year. Nominations are preferably delivered by end of Q4 (October-December) of the previous year.
  • Each term is 2 years, with the option for reelection (no term limitations at this time)
  • Board meetings are conducted once every other month, with committee meetings taking place on an as need basis. Emergency board meetings may occur when voting is necessary. Each board member is expected to attend all events (gallery openings, artist talks, etc.) when available, as well as promote all fundraisers, programs, and exhibitions on view.
  • “Committees are available within the organization, and each board member is expected to become the chair or co-chair of a committee (unless that board member obtains a position within the Executive Committee: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer). Available committee positions include Campaigns (Fundraising), Communication (Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations), Education, Gala, Government, Grants, Legal, Memberships (Donor Relations), Programs, Public Service, Sponsorship, and Volunteer.”
Theatre South Playhouse Orlando, FL

We are seeking diverse representation. Currently, our board lacks diversity in many ways. The racial breakdown of the board is predominately white with most members being parents of children that have grown up or are currently engaging with our educational programming. Additionally, we need more members that are passionate about theatre, but who come from different lines of business. We would love to engage more local business owners. Finally, we would love to engage more members passionate about supporting our non-profit through volunteering and engagement.

  • Give or get $500 per member. In-kind donations are welcome when they fill a need (for example some board members have donated props, archival videos, etc.)
  • Our board meets monthly for an hour long meeting that can be attended in-person or remotely. We prefer if members come in person, but we understand this is not always possible. Additionally, we ask that Board members come to see our mainstage season (2-3 shows per year).
  • Currently, our only committee is our Development/ Fundraising committee, but part of our recruitment efforts include recruiting members that want to take the initiative and form committees for other areas of support for our company.
  • We are currently in the process of searching for new Board members and we accept nominations all year. However, we place emphasis on recruitment from December-February.
Timucua Arts Foundation Orlando, FL

We are seeking individuals with expertise in marketing and finance. Black, Latino/Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities are sought.

  • $2,500 give/get, ticket purchases and in-kind contributions count toward give/get.
  • Nominations are due in October, Elections are in December.
  • Two consecutive three-year terms before a gap year
  • The board meets virtually on a monthly basis except for the month of July. Members are expected to serve on a committee and attend one performance per month. Approximate time commitment is 2 virtual hours and one concert each month, except for July when the venue is closed.
  • Prospective board members are encouraged to serve on a committee. Marketing, Development, Finance, and Strategic Planning committees are open to community members.
United Arts of Central Florida Orlando, FL

We are currently seeking leaders with skills in finance, marketing, fundraising, community development, legal, design, public speaking, strategic planning, education, event planning, media relations, human relations, advocacy and management. Service on United Arts does not require artistic talents only passion and appreciation for the arts and impact on the community. United Arts has a commitment to be intentional about diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion. Our Board reflects 42% people of color and has representation of LGBTQ community. We serve Lake, Osceola, Orange and Seminole Counties and geographic diversity is important. Age diversity is also welcomed. The arts are for everyone, and so all ages are needed to help make important decisions to advance our vision of Arts for All

  • United Arts has a give or get policy of $1,000 per year. This means that you will help raise $1,000 through your professional or social networks, or you will give $1,000. INkind services are much needed and welcomed.
  • Nominating process February – April Election – Annual Meeting 2nd Wed of June
  • 3 years with maximum 6 years
  • Board meets 4 x per year from 4-5:30 pm on second Wednesday of September, December, March and June. Serve on one standing committee, attend Collaborative Campaign Kickoff February 1 or first business day, and half day Board Retreat annually
  • United Arts has seven grants panels where volunteers are welcome to serve to help us deploy our financial resources with equity and inclusion. Our Development and fundraising committee welcomes non Board members. We also have a Finance and Audit committee with non Board members serving.
Write To Be Scene Inc Orlando, FL

The hard skills we most seek are Business Management, Nonprofit Leadership, Marketing/Communications, Marketing Strategy advisor(s), and Sales. We are also seeking a Treasurer and a new Chair.

  • The soft skills we seek are Critical Thinking; Openness; Ability to bring fresh ideas to the table; Teamwork; Excellent communication skills; Creativity; and Leadership.
  • Members are required to donate at least once annually, in any amount that is within their means and on their hearts. In addition, Members are expected to participate in promoting all fundraising campaigns and events and in helping us expand our donor base. In-kind donations are always welcome, but would not count toward a Member’s annual contribution.
  • We have no committees, but instead seek general voting body Board Directors who are capable of acting in advisory, brainstorming, and strategic planning capacities during the quarterly meetings, within the areas of Marketing Strategy, Communications, Youth Advisory, Sales, Fundraising, Event Planning, and general Business organizational and operational management.

Because when leaders are shaping our arts and culture community, representation matters.

Apply Now

Complete the following application to become a volunteer board member at one of the available local nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. Each position will have different expectations for your commitment. Please ensure that you’ve read the organization’s description and understand the requirements of your time, talent, and/or treasures.

Diverse Leadership Pipeline Form – Board Finder


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Breaking down barriers

When shaping our arts community, everyone should have a voice. That’s why we invite our community to help set a fair criteria for how grants are awarded. Apply to volunteer on a grants panel and help us keep equal representation at the forefront of arts funding.

Diverse Leadership Pipeline program
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