Chance 2 Dance is an incredible organization based in Maitland, Florida, dedicated to promoting inclusivity through the transformative power of dance.

C2D offers an array of captivating programs in an inclusive and welcoming space. Their programming showcases their commitment to nurturing a love for dance and fostering personal growth amongst its dancers and staff. C2D began in 2014 and is now going national with its programming, opening a second studio in New York later this year.

Chance 2 Dance believes in the power of dance to strengthen communities and create meaningful connections. Their community outreach programs aim to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of individuals with special needs. These initiatives include interactive dance workshops, performances at local events, and collaborations with schools and community organizations. Chance 2 Dance aims to break down barriers, educate, and inspire a more inclusive society by engaging with the broader community.

Adaptive dance classes lie at the heart of C2D’s mission.

These classes have a specific design to accommodate individuals with special needs, allowing them to experience the joy of dance in a supportive and inclusive environment. Highly trained instructors work closely with each dancer, tailoring the curriculum to their unique abilities and ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Through these classes, participants develop their physical coordination and strength and gain self-confidence and a sense of belonging.

The performance troupes at C2D offer the opportunity to showcase participants’ talent and passion on stage. These troupes, comprising dedicated individuals of all ages and abilities, engage in rigorous rehearsals and prepare mesmerizing performances for various events and venues. With each routine, they break down barriers, challenge societal stereotypes, and inspire audiences with their captivating moves. The performance troupes embody the spirit of unity, resilience, and the transformative power of dance.

Summer camps at C2D are a perfect blend of fun and learning, creating unforgettable experiences for participants. These camps provide a nurturing environment where dancers can explore various dance styles, improve their technique, and build lasting friendships. The inclusive nature of the camps ensures that every participant feels valued and supported. Through engaging activities, workshops, and performances, summer camp attendees develop their dance skills while fostering personal growth and self-expression.

Chance 2 Dance is a shining example of the transformative power of dance in the lives of individuals with special needs. Through adaptive dance classes, performance troupes, summer camps, and community outreach, Chance 2 Dance is making a significant impact by fostering inclusivity and unlocking the rhythm within each participant. Their commitment to celebrating diversity and empowering individuals is truly inspiring. Join Chance 2 Dance in their mission and witness the magic of dance as it transforms lives, one step at a time.

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