Opera del Sol Breaks from Traditional Theatre

In the heart of downtown Orlando, theatre lovers and thrill seekers alike are excited about Opera del Sol’s upcoming production of “Dracula, the Musical.” The buzz around this performance is quite enthralling, and folks are eager for what promises to be an exceptional theatrical experience.  What’s really catching people’s attention is the unconventional choice of venue, the […]

Chance 2 Dance: Because Everyone Deserves a Chance

Chance 2 Dance

Chance 2 Dance is an incredible organization based in Maitland, Florida, dedicated to promoting inclusivity through the transformative power of dance. C2D offers an array of captivating programs in an inclusive and welcoming space. Their programming showcases their commitment to nurturing a love for dance and fostering personal growth amongst its dancers and staff. C2D […]

Visit Orlando’s Discover Murals

Orlando’s Discover Murals

Have you ever heard the saying, “art is all around us”? Well, that just became more accurate with Visit Orlando’s Map of Orlando Murals. Discover a completely free and interactive way to view some beautiful and thought-provoking art all around Central Florida. From Florida Pride to colorful and conceptual, and even historical art, these masterpieces are a […]

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

From shuttle buses to cabanas to an official Fringe beer, there are plenty of things to be pumped about coming to this year’s Orlando Fringe Festival. This month, we sat down with Chantel Eubanks, Orlando Fringe’s marketing manager, to find out about all the new venues, features and frivolities to look out for at the […]

2022 Florida Film Festival

2022 Florida Film Festival

X In the promotional graphic for this year’s Florida Film Festival (illustrated by animator Bill Plympton), a forlorn Enzian Theater armchair calls to audiences, “I’m ready for you.” Only after two years of isolation could we relate so much with an inanimate object. The chair, with its moody shading and palpable longing for the third […]