Juried Student Show Winners: Willy Lopez & Mimi McDowell

Willy Lopez & Mimi McDowell

Although these two Juried Student Show winners come from different parts of the world, they share a common interest in one thing – their love for Crealdé School of Art. While their journeys were unalike, Willy Lopez and Mimi McDowell found their way to Crealdé while discovering their passion for the arts. Willy Lopez grew […]

Nadia Garzón: Descolonizarte TEATRO

Nadia Garzón

The theater was no unknown territory to Nadia Garzón, Executive Director of Descolonizarte TEATRO. Growing up in Colombia and attending a primarily performing arts-based school and acting academy, Garzón always knew that she had a dream of one day opening her own theater organization. After 20 years of acting, directing, playwriting, and pioneering several projects […]

N.Y. Nathiri: Preserve the town of Eatonville, Florida

N.Y. Nathiri

Truth be told, Black History Month isn’t a special time for N.Y. Nathiri, executive director of the Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community (P.E.C. for short). For her and the rest of the (mostly volunteer-driven) team that spends 365 days a year working tirelessly to preserve the town of Eatonville, Florida, the first incorporated all-Black […]

Shawn Welcome: Orlando Poet Laureate

Shawn Welcome

Orlando Poet Laureate Shawn Welcome wants to be the frame for the local arts community. The frame is a term he coined when mentoring up-and-coming open mic show hosts and emcees. If a guest in an art museum walks away from a painting talking about the piece’s frame, he says, then they’ve missed the point. […]

Open Scene Orlando

Open Scene Orlando

Thamara Bejarano has a dream. When she closes her eyes at night, she sees the doors opening to a cultural center in Orlando. Inside lies a beautiful space where folks from local grassroots arts organizations can sing, dance, perform, exhibit, rehearse, and connect, all in their native tongues. Orlando is home to world-class arts institutions […]