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Meet Mafrene Lisboa the Vice President of Global Software Architecture and Engineering at Universal Destinations and Experiences. She is a recognized leader in the field of engineering, known for her creative problem solving, innovation, and strategic planning. She has gained a reputation as a trusted decision-maker and servant leader, who is passionate about creating opportunities for others.

But what sets Mafrene apart is her diverse background and love for travel. She is of Indian Portuguese origin, and was raised in Dubai, where she experienced the cultures of the East and the glamours of the West. She later moved to South Florida to pursue her undergraduate degrees in business and technology. Her continued love of travel has taken her to numerous countries, where she has marveled at the history and immersed herself in the culture.

Mafrene has always been driven by her love for the arts, from her early years as a teen choreographer, directing productions with over 30 performers to performing a cultural piece for Pope John Paul II in Paris, France for World Youth Day. She also developed a passion for custom jewelry with a loyal following who admire her unique designs.

However, Mafrene’s purpose in life extends beyond her creative endeavors. Volunteering is a big part of her life, and she has dedicated her time to supporting the Church by visiting hospice and nursing homes. More recently, she served three years on her daughter’s Elementary PTA board, making a significant impact on the school community.

When she is not busy working, you can find her cheering on the sidelines of her daughters’ softball games. She is immensely proud of her ambitious and talented daughters, who also share her passion for music, dance, chorus, and theater. Hamilton and The Greatest Showman are family favorites.

For Mafrene, talent is a gift, and a powerful enabler for positive change. She is grateful for the people around her who nurtured her own talents as a youth. Now she believes in creating opportunities for the next generation, promoting diversity, fostering interests like STEM and helping others embrace their gifts so together we can all make a positive impact.

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