In the heart of downtown Orlando, theatre lovers and thrill seekers alike are excited about Opera del Sol’s upcoming production of “Dracula, the Musical.” The buzz around this performance is quite enthralling, and folks are eager for what promises to be an exceptional theatrical experience. 

What’s really catching people’s attention is the unconventional choice of venue, the CityArts gallery. Opera del Sol’s decision to break away from the typical theater setting and create an immersive experience has folks wondering how it will blur the line between fiction and reality. 

Over the past 130 years, the building in downtown Orlando has undergone its own remarkable evolution, known by various names including the Old English Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Democratic Party headquarters, Mad Cow Theatre, DMAC, and most recently, the Gallery at Avalon Island. Today, it thrives as CityArts Orlando, a vibrant contemporary art space and cultural hub that has stood since 1886. As the flagship venue of the Downtown Arts District, CityArts boasts seven art galleries, an in-house café, and versatile presentation and event spaces, serving as a canvas for local and international artistry. Notably, this historic Queen Anne-style building is the oldest operational structure in Orlando, a testament to the city’s ever-evolving artistic and cultural scene. 

What’s even more exciting is the promise of immersive projections, live percussive elements, and original video elements within the upstairs CityArts gallery, which hint at a theater experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The cast, led by David Bracamonte as Dracula, includes an array of talented performers, with some making their debut with Opera del Sol. The idea of them collaborating and showcasing their skills on an unconventional stage adds to the anticipation. 

This season’s theme, “Where The Voice Takes Center Stage,” emphasizes Central Florida Vocal Arts and Opera del Sol’s commitment to delivering compelling vocal performances that entertain and inspire. People are eager to see how this theme plays out during the performance. 

However, there’s a bit of a rush to grab tickets because of the limited seating–only 90 patrons per show–and Opera del Sol’s history of quick sell-outs. “Dracula, the Musical” is shaping up to be a truly distinctive and memorable theater experience, and everyone is eager to be part of the audience that gets to enjoy this exceptional production. 

 Find tickets here through October 29th! Dracula, the Musical Tickets in Orlando, FL, United States (ticketleap.com)

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