United Arts of Central Florida is a prime example of how collaborative fundraising can effectively support local art, science and history programs.

United Arts hosts one of the largest annual collaborative campaigns in the nation, with a 15% match for all donations designated to campaign partners. This year, United Arts and 33 campaign partners are working together to raise $6 million by April 30th, 2023. These efforts strengthen the sense of community amongst these organizations and art lovers in Central Florida, increasing trust, empathy, and a sense of shared purpose. When people feel connected with their community, they take an active role in improving it.

“[United Arts helps] make those connections with people that we may never meet ordinarily…[partners] come up and say, ‘What exactly is it that your organization does?’ And the conversation begins!” – MicheLee Puppets

The Collaborative Campaign for the Arts promotes a sense of ownership and investment in the community. When Central Florida residents work together to achieve a goal, they feel greater responsibility and pride in the project’s success. After seeing the positive impact of their collaborative efforts, they are more likely to get involved in future community projects and campaigns, continuing a growth cycle.

United Arts Collaborative Campaign is one of the largest funding resources for a majority of our partners. A gift made through the collaborative campaign has the ability to strengthen the effect of central Florida arts, fund diverse and innovating programming and expand the reach of so many impactful programs.

You can donate to one – or all – of the 2023 Collaborative Campaign partners here.

If you are unsure of whom you would like to designate your gift to, check out our Arts for ALL fund.

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