In today’s digital age, where information is readily accessible online, libraries have had to adapt and evolve to remain relevant.

The Orange County Library System (OCLS) has been a prime example of adaptability in its 100 years of service to our community. With 15 branches across the county, the OCLS not only lends books to the community but offers a plethora of classes, events, meeting spaces, Wi-Fi accessible computers, and more for FREE to help residents learn and grow. With the continual decline of accessible third spaces, areas away from work and home where you can socialize, it is crucial we continue to utilize and support such a vital resource in our community.

Branches of the Orange County Library System serve as community centers where people can come together to learn and engage in unique activities. There is something enriching for everyone with complimentary and exciting offerings like AR simulators, escape rooms, recording studios for music, podcasts, video production, 3D printers, motion capture studios, and more.

Orange County Libraries also provide resources to support education and lifelong learning. Many branches offer classes, workshops and programs on a wide range of topics, such as technology, language learning and art. Students can find homework help programs, tutoring services, and educational resources such as study guides and test preparation materials. At the same time, visitors can join book clubs, author talks, and community meetings.

These offerings demonstrate the OCLS’ continued dedication to serving as a space for people to unite and build community by allowing them to meet others with similar interests.

In its 100th year of service, the Orange County Library System is committing to more comprehensive community access and expanding its outreach. Joining this effort, the Sorosis of Orlando Woman’s Club gifted the Library System $100,000, enabling OCLS to relaunch a Book Mobile that caters to communities outside the library’s typical range.

Through these actions and innovative public offerings, the Orange County Library System will continue to serve as a pillar of education, creativity, and community for the residents of Orlando, with its success playing a vital role in the success of our county. We must continue to support our libraries to ensure that they can continue to provide these essential resources and services to all members of our communities for generations to come.

You can learn more about the Orange County Library System and what they have to offer you here: Orange County Library System | (ocls.info)

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