January 16, 2024 – United Arts of Central Florida (United Arts) is celebrating the 25th
anniversary of Artistry magazine (previously Orlando Arts) with public art installations by local artists
that will take place throughout Central Florida and will be live throughout the month of January.
Over the summer, United Arts sought proposals for five unique temporary art projects in celebration of
25 years of Artistry magazine. This project showcases the artistic talent in Central Florida and highlights
the magazine’s 150 issues of authentic local art and culture news and the more than 4,200 stories that
have been amplified and shared.

“In 25 years, the magazine has grown in so many ways due to outstanding community partners,” said
Cindy Bowman LaFronz, editor of Artistry magazine. “It has weathered recessions, changes in publishers
and a pandemic. I’m so proud of our ‘little engine that could,’ our writers who tell the stories, and our
advertisers who support us. And now we get to commemorate this milestone with installations by five
local artists, which utilize our beautiful covers.”

Announced at an event on January 11 at Orlando City Hall, the five local artists that have been selected
are Dr. Ha’ani Hogan, Anne Njeri Kinuthia, Kellie Delaney, Maria Custis, and Sydney Yorton.
Dr. Ha’ani Hogan is a paper flower artist, arts administrator, and technology scholar. She built a larger than-life garden made of paper flowers. The garden installation consists of 25 flowers ranging from three feet to seven feet tall and the flowers represent the 25 fantastic years of Artistry magazine. Dr.
Hogan incorporates 150 different covers into the flowers. Dr. Hogan’s art installation can be viewed at
the Orlando City Hall Rotunda.

Anne Njeri Kinuthia, originally from Kenya, has exhibited in various shows, including an ongoing solo
exhibition at Snap! Gallery, and in Norway. Kinuthia is an art educator at UCF and makes artwork that
highlights women’s oppression. Entitled “Mama,” her 9 ft tall installation celebrates motherhood and
diversity using brightly colored fabrics representing various Orlando cultures. The sculpture, a larger than-life figure with open arms, serves as an inviting and inclusive symbol. The dress, made from a patchwork of fabrics, also functions as a fort for children to sit inside with 25 pillows commemorating 25
years of Artistry magazine inside it. Kinuthia’s art installation can be viewed at the office of United Arts
in College Park.

Kellie Delaney is a former pastry chef with ten years of experience who made the decision to pursue art
full-time. She has integrated five Artistry magazine covers into a cohesive composition, fusing elements
from “The Garden of Eden” for the pose, “Alice in Wonderland” for the Mad Hatter, and an apple serving
as a skull as a subtle homage to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” (with references to multiple Shakespeare
covers). Her artistic style is characterized by its use of exceptionally bright and vivid colors. Delaney’s art
can be viewed at Henry’s Depot in Sanford.

Maria Custis, originally from Guatemala but raised in the USA, discovered her passion for art in fifth
grade and has explored various art forms, ranging from quilting to painting, predominantly working from
her home studio. The inspiration for her installation draws from Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life,”
characterized by a profound appreciation for colors, lines, and intricate patterns. The core concept
revolves around the construction of a tree structure. This tree features curved branches from which a
total of 74 distinct images hang, each are double-sided and show two different issues of Artistry
magazine that have been artistically manipulated to align with her unique art style. Custis’ installation
can be viewed at the Orange County Library in Winter Garden.

Sydney Yorton, currently a student at the University of Central Florida, has gained admission to the
Experimental Animation Track, a program renowned for its high selectivity. With a background in
coursework spanning various artistic domains, including art, music, and architecture, she comprehends
the significance of upholding art education and fostering a culture steeped in aesthetic richness rather
than mere functionality. Her project involves the creation of a painted collage, which incorporates
elements from select Artistry magazine covers spanning the entire history of the magazine. This collage
features items highlighting theater, music, culture, environmental art, and nature. Yorton’s installation
can be viewed at the Food Factory in Oviedo.

About United Arts of Central Florida
United Arts of Central Florida is the local arts agency uniting the community and fueling the arts. With
the help of individual donors, corporations, foundations and public funding, United Arts inspires
creativity, builds community and strengthens the economy in Central Florida. United Arts is proud to
facilitate arts education programs for all ages and provide critical funding and comprehensive marketing
for local art, science, and history organizations and individual artists.
For more information, visit https://unitedartscfl.org or call 407.628.033

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