In this year-end review, key Central Florida figures will explore the diverse facets of the local artistic landscape, shedding light on how the creative community has evolved and influenced our community. This thought-provoking analysis on the role of the arts in fostering cultural vibrancy, community engagement, and individual expression proves how necessary it is to be involved at all levels.

Jennifer Evins, as the CEO of United Arts (UA), provides unique perspectives on the initiatives undertaken by UA to support and promote artistic endeavors across the entire sector. Terrance Hunter, the CEO of Central Florida Community Arts (CFCA), shares valuable insights into the community-centric approach that has shaped their cultural narrative. Matt Palm, arts and cultural reporter from the Orlando Sentinel, brings his journalistic depth to the conversation, offering a well-rounded view of our art and culture scene.

From the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated, this discussion provides a nuanced exploration of the arts’ resilience and adaptability. Enjoy this enriching conversation as we celebrate the transformative power of creativity and its enduring impact on our community.

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