Samantha Farrington is the Social Media Coordinator at United Arts of Central Florida as of March of 2023. Samantha graduated from Georgia Southern University in beautiful Savannah, Georgia where she pursued an education in the service of the arts, going on to receive her BS in Communication Studies and her BA in Theatre with a concentration in art administration.

Since her graduation, she has worked in a variety of positions in arts-based non-profits both administrative and on-the-ground making the arts happen. Most notably she was the House Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Teaching Artist with Berkshire Theatre Group in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. At the core of Samantha’s work and passion for the arts is a desire to uplift diverse and creative voices and stories.

Samantha enjoys fantasy novels, creative writing, and cultural experiences. She was born in Miami and raised in Polk County and since relocating back to the Central Florida area she’s been enjoying the sunshine and taking ballet classes at the Orlando Ballet.

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